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Who are we?  We are a small, boutique breeder that specializes in Mini and Micro Sheepadoodles.   

What is a Sheepadoodle?  A Sheepadoodle is a cross between the gorgeous Old English Sheepdog and the stoic Poodle. 

Why Once Upon A Doodle? Our puppy owners receive a wonderful, comprehensive, and unique experience that emphasizes on quality. Our attention to detail sets Once Upon A Doodle apart. Puppies receive hands on and enriching socialization program, top quality veterinary care, and constant love and attention. Our goal is to make the transition from our home to yours flawless, with our puppy rearing techniques. We want to make this the best experience possible!

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We have fully trained mini and micro Sheepadoodles! Are you ready for a furry companion but not sure if you're ready for puppyhood? Then this is the training program designed for you! We will get your puppy through the toughest stage of puppyhood with love. Your puppy will go home ready to acclimate to your lifestyle.

We have Trained Puppies Available!


What makes Once Upon A Doodle different and sets us apart? Once Upon A Doodle is solely dedicated to raising the best puppies possible. When it comes to making sure that your new family member is raised right, we don't cut corners. We pour hours into each puppy to make sure they are loved and socialized before they go to their new homes. 

What Makes Us Unique

Overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains, we are blessed with a gorgeous piece of land that we are able to call home. We love all things with paws, hooves, and feathers. Working together as a team to raise the best puppies is our passion and we are incredibly blessed to be able share the joy our puppies bring with you.  When we are not at home spending time in the puppy nursery, you will find us exploring or at a local brewery, likely with a puppy in tow! 

Why choose Once Upon A Doodle? Simple, because there is no one more dedicated to their puppies than us. Every puppy captures our heart in a different way. One of our favorite parts about puppies is watching them enter the world and we can't imagine life any other way!

A Little about us...

Toby and Sydnee

Once Upon A Doodle was founded in 2013.   We are passionate about raising the best mini and micro Sheepadoodles and never stop working to improve.  Our puppies are properly socialized from birth and go home pre-spoiled and loved.

We are dedicated to our puppy owners and offer lifetime support.  Our goal is to make your experience bringing home a new furry family member an incredible one.   We understand that bringing home a puppy is a big commitment.  Because of this, we go above and beyond to make sure you feel as prepared as possible.

Our puppy owners become like family.  Our mission with our puppies is to bring every new owner a lifelong family member and to glorify God.

We wish you and your doodle many blessings for years to come!

About Once Upon A Doodle...

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