We have fully trained mini and micro Sheepadoodles!  Are you ready for a furry companion but not sure if you're ready for puppyhood? Then this is the training program designed for you! We will get your puppy through the toughest stage of puppyhood with love. Your puppy will go home ready to acclimate to your lifestyle. Each week, we will build on and reinforce what your puppy is learning.   Your puppy will know several commands, be well mannered, properly socialized, crate trained, potty trained, and comfortable with grooming.

When you bring home a Once Upon A Doodle trained puppy you are getting the best genetics we have to offer. We pour our heart into each of our puppies and can't wait to share each of these amazing puppies with their new families. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible from our home to yours and will help prepare you to welcome your new family member into your home.

Pup Pro Graduate PRogram

At Once Upon A Doodle, we focus on the best of the best.  Because of this, we are proud to have partnered with Aly's Puppy Bootcamp!  Aly's program is a wonderful comprehensive structured training program that focuses on quality and new owner support.  Each of our trained puppies will go home with a subscription to The Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy to help maintain the training that your puppy received.


The investment for a trained puppy is $12,000. Each puppy will be ready to go home spayed or neutered and up to date on all vet work


Why We Love Teddy

Teddy is the ultimate cuddle bug!  He loves everyone he meets and will snuggle on the couch with you.  This boy will make someone an incredible buddy!

Teddy is full grown and is about 20 lbs.  He has completed his training and is ready to find a wonderful home to call his own. If you are interested in meeting this amazing boy to see if he would be a good fit for you then don't hesitate to reach out!

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