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All of our puppies are $3,500
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Tungsten has a gorgeous soft and silky coat.  He is a gorgeous tri colored little guy with cute brown eyebrows.  Tungsten is a laid back and sweet little guy and has the traditional tuxedo markings. He is ready for his new home NOW!

It doesn't get fluffier than Platinum!   He has a tender and gentle personality that is always looking to please people.  He will is ready to go home NOW!

Dolly is a bundle of fun!   She should mature around 25 lbs, give or take, and is exactly her name sake, a doll! This sweet girl is spunky, adventurous, and loving.  We know she is going to make someone a really happy!

Nickel is one adorable and lovable little guy!   He has a handsome sable and white coat. This boy is so sweet natured! Nickel is ready for his new home NOW!

Tilly has a gorgeous wavy, cream and white coat.  She is an amazing girl and is an absolutely love bug.  She is medium energy level which is the perfect balance between fun and snuggly. Email us if you want to meet this lovely girl!

Rome is a total love bug!  He has a sweet, soulful personality that just melts whenever he starts getting attention.  Rome is going to be the perfect size at about 30 lbs and has a lovely wavy coat type.  He is going to make an amazing companion and adorable love bug for someone!

Lulu is a gorgeous mini Sheepadoodle that will be around 30 lbs full gorwn.  She has a lovely white fleece coat with black spots intermixed.  She is looking for an amazing home that will take her on all their fun adventures!  Lulu will make a fabulous companion and friend.

Puppies are chosen in order that deposits are received. We have one reservation list for all of our mini Sheepadoodle litters and one waiting list for all of our micro sheepadoodle litters.  Once your name comes up on the list for a puppy we will notify you of the puppies and what your picking selection number will be.

 We do our best to time the breeding of our dogs to make sure they have the best chance possible of a positive pregnancy, but at times this can be unpredictable. This along with how many puppies a mom will have or whether the colors and gender match up is why we do a master list of reservations instead of reserving per litter.

Based on how long our reservation list is and what you are specifically looking for in a puppy, I will give you an estimate of when you will likely receive a puppy. 

Upcoming Litters

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July 2024

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