Current Puppies

Kiva and Rocket welcomed seven gorgeous mini Sheepadoodle puppies on March 7th, 2019.  We have two stunning little ladies and five handsome boys. 
~All Puppies Are Spoken For ~

March Madness Mini Sheepadoodle Litter

Flavorful Mini Sheepadoodle Litter

Poppy and Rocket welcomed twelve beautiful mini Sheepadoodle puppies on September 13th, 2019.  We have seven incredible boys and five darling girls. 
~2 male spots AVAILABLE ~

Chocolatier Mini Sheepadoodle Litter

Blue and Gucci welcomed six beautiful mini Sheepadoodle puppies on September 9th, 2019.  We have two gorgeous boys and four lovely girls. 
~All Puppies Are Spoken For ~

The BLT Mini Sheepadoodle Litter

Kiva and Rocket welcomed three amazing mini Sheepadoodle puppies on September 8th, 2019.  We have one handsome boy and two sweet girls. 
~All Puppies Are Spoken For ~

Puppies are chosen in order that deposits are received. I have one reservation list for all of my mini Sheepadoodles based on what you are specifically looking for in a puppy. Once your name comes up on the list for a puppy I will notify you of what is in the litter and the place you will be picking.

 We do our best to time the breeding of our dogs to make sure they have the best chance possible of a positive pregnancy, but at times this can be unpredictable. This along with how many puppies a mom will have or whether the colors and gender match up is why we do a master list of reservations instead of reserving per litter.

Based on how long my reservation list is and what you are specifically looking for in a puppy, I will give you an estimate of when you will be able to get a puppy. 

Upcoming Litters

Current Estimate For Next Available Puppies:   Winter 2019

Next Litter Expected 
(Please note that this litter is already spoken for)

September 10th and 11th, 2019


We are located in the beautiful state of colorado, about an hour and a half north of Denver

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