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Sydnee did such an amazing and thorough job preparing our pup, Elmer, and it showed immediately. Elmer’s curiosity and loving personality were immediately apparent from the moment she placed him in my arms. Already accustomed to a crate thanks to Sydnee, he transitioned to living with us very smoothly. As we raised him, Sydnee remained a fantastic and informative resource.

Today Elmer is the most loving, sweet, happy dog! He loves every creature he’s ever met, and he is particularly gentle and playful with kids. He’s impressed his vet and trainers with how patient and intelligent he is. He’s been such a joyful and wonderful addition to our family. We recommend Once Upon A Doodle wholeheartedly!

– Elaine From Texas

We found out about Once Upon A Doodle when we met a woman at our Farmers Market who had a beautiful Mini Sheepadoodle that they purchased from Sydnee at OUAD. Sydnee was so easy to work with. She gave us all kinds of wonderful information before hand so that when we brought our puppy home, we were ready. She was also responded to emails whenever we had a question. We also got picture updates which was so fun and helped with our choice to pick our dog.

 Charlie is such a handsome guy. We get people asking us all the time where we got him from. He has gorgeous markings and is so well behaved. We have not regretted adding to him to our family. Working on my husband to get another one and wouldn’t think of getting it anywhere else than Once Upon A Doodle.

 – Coleen From Colorado

Words cannot express how thankful we are for finding Sydnee and blessing our family with the most perfect puppy! The very first day I had contacted Once Upon A Doodle I knew this was the breeder I wanted to get my Mini Sheepadoodle from. She was great to communicate with and always answered my questions in a timely manner. The process to get our little guy was a breeze! The weekly updates and puppy pictures made the experience that much more exciting and I feel she truly captured the puppies personalities in each picture. When it was our time to pick our puppy we did so via FaceTime. Oakley was the first puppy Sydnee was holding, she knew he would be the perfect puppy for our family and we knew he was meant for us!

Oakley is the best puppy ever! From the day we brought him home he has given us nothing but happiness! He is the most playful, loving, adventurous, friendliest and not to mention smartest puppy! Anytime we take him out he is the most popular dog in the park. Getting stopped by people asking about him or just complimenting him happens every walk we go on. He is the most sociable puppy and greets every person he sees….he also thinks every person should say hi to him! There is never a day when Oakley is not making us laugh!

Sydnee, we can’t thank you enough for giving our family the greatest gift! You are amazing and everything you do for each and every puppy that leaves your care is truly recognized. I am always so proud to recommend you to everyone that asks.

– Michelle from Canada

I did a ton of research about Sheepadoodle’s and breeders! It took me over two years and many phone conversations with different breeders before I finally put down a deposit! Sydnee was recommended to me by another reputable breeder who breeds standards. I’m so happy we found Sydnee!! The entire process was outstanding! We got the weekly photos and information. Not only that but while I was on a waiting list I would email Sydnee with a zillion questions and she would always get back to me. She truly cares about her dogs and where her puppies end up. Over a year later I still communicate with her.

As far as our Puppy we ended up with, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!! She is so smart!  She morphs to our moods. If we are wild and crazy she is, if we want to go take a nap she sleeps with us. Everyone who meets Bogey loves her and wants to know where we got her! I’m always happy to share Once Upon a Doodles information!! We absolutely LOVE our Bogey Blu!!!

– Jaime from North Dakota

When we decided we wanted to add a new addition to our family, we knew we wanted to get a puppy from a great breeder. A family friend had gotten a dog from Once Upon a Doodle and we fell in love. We went home that day and submitted our application. After that, it was a few months before our little guy was born. Sydnee kept us updated throughout the entire process and answered any questions we had (and we had a lot!). Any concern we had, Sydnee was able to give us clarity.

Bringing home our puppy was such a special moment. We would’ve never thought of flying to a different state but a puppy from Sydnee was worth the trip. When we brought home our puppy, Arthur, it was total love at first sight. At every vet appointment we’ve gone to, he has been complimented on his health and demeanor, which I credit to Sydnee’s extensive work with her puppies before going to their new homes and only breeding the best of the best. If a dog even has any health issue, that dog will no longer be part of her breeding program. Arthur has brought us so much joy and as he gets closer to 1 year old, we love him more and more each day. We thought a second dog would be it for us but Sydnee and Arthur have made us want more because these dogs are just the best!

Sydnee has kept in touch after bringing Arthur home and has sent us several cards over the past few months asking how we are. She seriously felt like family during this process. We feel so grateful to have gotten a Once Upon a Doodle puppy and we recommend them to anyone who asks. Sydnee is a perfectionist with these puppies and if you get a puppy from her, you are getting a dog that is well socialized, confident, playful, and very easy to train.

-Sorin and Kara From Washington

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