Solely dedicated to raising the best puppies possible. When it comes to making sure that your new family member is raised right, we don't cut corners. We pour hours into each puppy to make sure they are loved and socialized before they go to their new homes. Our puppies are bred and raised to be spectacular! It is important to see that each puppy reaches his or her maximum potential. All of our puppies are treasured and cared for in a specially designed puppy nursery where they receive proper, age appropriate stimulation as they grow.

We Are...


All of the puppies are fed a high quality food so they can grow into the cutest, little healthy doodles around.  Puppies are all seen by a licensed veterinarian, up to date on all vet work before they go home, and include a 2 year genetic health guarantee!



After much research and time, we have designed a very specific puppy stimulation and socialization program for the puppies as they grow.



ALL of our parent dogs are health tested based on breed specific genetic problems.   They all are cared for and loved!  

Parent Dogs


What Sets Us Apart

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