Current Puppies

Two Male Micro Sheepadoodles AVailable

Puppies are chosen in order that deposits are received. I have one reservation list for all of my mini Sheepadoodles litters and one waiting list for all of the micro sheepadoodle littes.  Once your name comes up on the list for a puppy I will notify you of what is in the litter and the place you will be picking.

 We do our best to time the breeding of our dogs to make sure they have the best chance possible of a positive pregnancy, but at times this can be unpredictable. This along with how many puppies a mom will have or whether the colors and gender match up is why we do a master list of reservations instead of reserving per litter.

Based on how long my reservation list is and what you are specifically looking for in a puppy, I will give you an estimate of when you will be able to get a puppy. 

Upcoming Litters

Current WAIt For Next Available Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies:  12-18 months

Current Estimate For Next Available micro sheepadoodle Puppies:   12-14 MONTHS

Next Litter Expected 
(Please note that this litter is already spoken for)

September, 2021



No, we do not breed merle Sheepadoodles. Because Old English Sheepdogs can carry the merle gene and can have blue eyes, it is high risk to breed an Old English Sheepdog to a merle Poodle as the puppies can be blind, deaf, or more predisposed to health problems.

The Mini Sheepadoodles at Once Upon A Doodle Typically mature to
25-45 lbs when they are full grown
Our micro Sheepadoodles are typically 10-20 lbs full grown

 Our Black and white mini Sheepadoodles are $3,000
our red and white mini Sheepadoodles are $3,500
and our micro sheepadoodles are $3,500

We are located in the beautiful state of colorado, about an hour and a half north of Denver

The puppies are socialized from the time they are born until the time they go home, seen by a licensed veterinarian, up to date on vaccines and deworming, microchipped, and come with a two year genetic health guarantee. Each puppy also goes to his or new home with a comprehensive puppy gift. Each gift includes a leash, collar, toy, chews, treats, Once Upon A Doodle bag, and more!

Puppies are chosen in order that reservation fees are received. The process of picking your puppy starts when the puppies reach 6 weeks of age. I take preferences into account and will help guide you to which puppy will work best for your lifestyle. It is very important to me that you choose a puppy that matches you and what you are looking for in the best possible way.

How will you choose your puppy? When it comes to be your turn to choose and you are not local, we will do a FaceTime appointment with the puppies where I will explain each puppy’s disposition and unique characteristics. If you are local, We would love to have you come select your puppy in person at my home.

Mini and micro Sheepadoodles have fabulous dispositions.  They are very smart, trainable, and eager to please.  The mini and micro Sheepadoodles are also very social with people and other dogs.  They are incredibly loving, affectionate, and make great snuggle buddies.

Yes, the mini and micro sheepadoodles are very trainable.  However, keep in mind that they are very smart so if you don't train them then they will definitely train you!

No, we do not dock the tails of our puppies

we would love to show off our beautiful puppies. however, For their health and wellbeing we only allow visitations for people who are on our reservation list. Our puppies and adult dogs are of the upmost importance to us and while we would love for you to visit, it compromises the puppies health and is to big of a risk.

Although no dog is considered 100% hypo-allergenic, Mini and micro Sheepadoodles are considered very allergy friendly and will likely not pose allergy problems. 

My mini and micro Sheepadoodles are all born black and white.  some puppies may fade to gray and white as they age. Along with black and white, we also have red and white mini and micro sheepadoodles!

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