Play Pen 

Lucidium play pens are a great alternative to a traditional play pen.  They offer the ability for your furry family member to be connected with you and your family while they still have their own space.

This is an excellent option for people who don't have a yard or are potty training when it is really cold outside!  It give your puppy a great place to potty while also keeping things neat, tidy, and clean.  

Bark Potty

High quality ceramic bowl from Fable Pets is gorgeous and sleek


Dog Food

Pawtree Chicken and Oatmeal is a high quality food that we feed all of our puppies before they go to their new homes



Farm Hound treats are some of the highest quality treats.  And did we mention it is transparently sourced from family farms!  

Lick Mat

Lick mats are an excellent way to keep your puppy busy! It is a great enrichment tool and also will keep your puppy entertained.  

This toy is perfect for holding your puppy's favorite treat or chew!  It is a lot of stimulating fun!

Treat or Chew Holder


This is one of our favorite collars!  It is a wonderful martingale collar that is high quality and classy

This leash is durable and waterproof.  It is also convertible so it can be adapted to different lengths




High quality and adorable bandana that will help your Doodle look cute in style

Dog Tag

The Paw Plunger will help keep your house clean from dirty paws.  Works great after walks and muddy playtime activites

Paw Plunger


This high quality rope toy is fun and durable!  And it also helps keep your dog's teeth clean in the process!

Dog Towel

The perfect towel for drying off your doodle fast and easy



Our doodles love these toys!  They are loads of fun and will keep your doodle busy for hours

Car seat protector

Pawtree Products

We love this heavy duty rear seat hammock!  It is waterproof and washable

Pawtree has wonderful products that will help get your puppy off on the right paw

Snuggle Puppy


 This Monti ball from Lambwolf is a fun way to keep your pup busy and occupied!

Snuggle Puppies are a great way to help the transition from our home to yours go as smoothly as possible!  

Calming Bites

Calming bites are a great supplement to help your dog through stressful or fearful situations.  Plus, your dog will love the flavor!

Ear Powder

Ear powder is an important way to help keep your doodle's ears clean, reduce odor, and minimize ear infections.

White on White Shampoo

White coats can he hard to maintain!  This shampoo is amazing for white coats and can even be used on other colors as well to give it a luxurious finish!

Ice on Ice Detangling Spray 

Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling and Finishing Spray is great to add to the coat to help repel dirt, dust, urine and other pollutants that can damage and break the coat. 

Puppy Shampoo

9” Colored Buttercomb

We love this shampoo!  It leave your puppy clean and smelling wonderful

The buttercomb is an excellent comb for a longer coat. It will help keep your doodle's coat fluffy and detangled

Oval Breezy Brush

The oval breezy brush is excellent for short or puppy coats.  We recommend the green or pink brush, although all three are wonderful!

Nail Clipper

Andis nail clippers are a great way to trim nails between grooming appointments.   They are heavy duty and have razor sharp efficiency.

Pupwell kit

The Big G Slicker Brush is a great tool for keeping your dog's coat looking beautiful and mat free.  It will get the dense undercoat that most slicker brushes are unable to reach.  This is a must have for coat maintenance!

Slicker Brush 


Tooth and Gum Wipes

Having a good dryer is one of the main keys to keeping  your doodle's coat gorgeous and mat free.   A good blow out will set your dog up for success after getting wet as one of the main causes of matting is a wet coat.

Gum and tooth wipes are an easy way to keep your doodle's teeth clean and free from plaque and tartar buildup

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